Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies / Academy / • Archiv / 2013 / Middle Classes on the Rise Workshop 28 and 29 May 2013

Timetable: Middle Classes on the Rise

28th/29th May, 2013

Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies, Hugo-Rüdel-Str. 10, Bayreuth

Tue 28th May

16.30-16.45 Address of Welcome: Achim von Oppen

16.45-17.00 Introductory remarks by Prof. Dr. Dieter Neubert, Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber

17.00-17.30 Seth Schindler (HU Berlin): Recovering Relationality in the Indian Metropolis

17.30-18.00 Simin Faedee (HU Berlin): Middle Class in India

18.15-18.45 Jessé Souza (Juiz de For a, Brazil): New Middle Class in Brazil

18.45-19.15 Alejandro Guarin (DIE Bonn): Middle Classes: Implications for Development

19.15-19.45 Summary and Discussion: Dieter Neubert                

                 Dinner at Sinopoli (Nice Restaurant in Badstr. close to Hotel Lohmühle)

Wed, 29th May

9.30-10.00 Lena Kroeker, Florian Stoll (Bayreuth): Middle Classes on the Rise in Kenya

10.00-10.30 Andrea Scheibler (Oxford): Middle Classes in Nairobi 1950-70s

10.30-11.00 Anna Fichtmüller (Bordeaux): The Middle Class in Uganda: Reflections on my field work

11.15-11.45 Rodrigue Sinna (Freiburg): Social Milieus and Civil Society in Burkina Faso

11.45-12.15 Alexander Schulze (Basel): Health Insurances in rural Mali

12.15-13.00 Summary and Discussion

13.00-13.45 Lunch

13.45-14.15 Jan Budniok (Mainz): Ghanaian lawyers and the formation of an (upper)middle class

14.15-14.45 Andrea Noll (Hildesheim): Middle Class Families and the Influence of Formal Education in Southern Ghana

14.45-15.30 Summary & Closing Note: Erdmute Alber