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Excellence Strategy

The University of Bayreuth conducts cutting-edge research at an international level in the research cluster ‘Africa Multiple’. On the authority of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments, it offers excellence in research, outstanding researchers, high-quality supporting structures in the Cluster of Excellence, as well as a supportive and efficient environment for the Cluster of Excellence.

The cluster is based on a well-known focus area of the University of Bayreuth: Over the past four decades, the University of Bayreuth has become one of the leading African studies institutions on the global scale. The ‘Africa Multiple’ cluster of excellence seeks to realign Bayreuth's African Studies focus area in close cooperation with African partner institutions. In addition, the cluster contains Bayreuth's typical core elements of research and teaching on campus: an interdisciplinary approach, networking, profile development, and an international character. As an internationally renowned location for African research, Bayreuth will be realigning its profile in the Cluster of Excellence in close cooperation with African partners. 

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