Vortrag der Bayreuth Academy Lecture Series "Future Africa and Beyond" von Prof. Dr. Elisa Reis

(Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
President of the Research Comittees on Futures Research RC07 of the International Sociological Association)

BA Lecture Series_Elisa Reis_22.01.15

Das Poster finden Sie hier

The New “Great Transformation”
and the Challenging Agenda of the Social Sciences

The paper will address some major changes that society has experienced in the last decades and the challenges they pose to the research agenda of the social sciences.
To clarify these questions the presentation will discuss three such changes taking place in the social realm, namely the emergence of environmental concerns, the transformations of the nation-state, and the rise of claims for recognition.
Thus the paper will explore how such changes pose new demands in conceptual and methodological terms for a whole range of research concerns such as development, social inclusion, and citizenship.

Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015, 18.00 Uhr, Campus, GWI Gebäude, Raum H26