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Summer Salon "Narration, Technology, Future, Commodity"

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Our Summer Salon is a panel in conversation with the renowned scholars

Prof. Anne Adams (Cornell University) and

Prof. Rinaldo Walcott (University of Toronto)

with a completing open forum regarding the main concepts  of our term's topics:
Narration - Technology - Future - Commodity

Like any concept and idea, we understand ‘future’ as a free floating discursive ‘artifact’ that is susceptible to its uses, its meanings being constructed upon different readings, in different spaces against different tracks and/of memory that it touches. Those tracks may be signs of time, of events, that give meanings to it. When such ‘artifacts’ become part of the flows of knowledge that, especially in the present, characterize the complex configurations of (globalized) ethics/aesthetics, capital/property and technology/nature etc., it turns into a commodity that is exchanged and bargained. The ‘trade’ affects are sorts of exchanges, be it money, goods, knowledge, literature and the market-value goes far beyond economic interests (financescapes, to use Appadurai’s wording). It also has a contested affective, performative value of knowledge (-production) and (re-) narration.

Thursday, 18. 06. 2015

15:00 – 17:00 h

Room 112, Bayreuth Academy, Hugo Rüdel Straße 10

Our main entry point to the discussion is a text by Prof. Dr. Rinaldo Walcott.
Rinaldo Walcott, "The Struggle for Happiness, Commodified Black Masculinities, Vernacular Culture and Homoerotic Desires",  in: Peter Pericles Trifonas (Ed.), Pedagogies of Difference - Rethinking Education for Social Justice, Routledge 2002.