Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies / Aktuelles / Queer Gardening - discussing rural futures

Yesterday night, 2.7.19, the Working Group "Rural Futures" invited to a session of the BA's format #communityacademy to Sübkültür, Bayreuth. Film-maker Ella von der Haide (Munich) discussed with Basil Ibrahams, Amiel Bize and the audience the topics of queer gardening and community gardening in North America. Queering as a concept helps, the audience discussed, to productively dismantle binarities such as 'the rural' vs 'the urban'. Members of the "Essbare Stadt"-movement in Bayreuth were present and grounded the conversation with local flavours - and invites. sIn this light, the session tied in excellently with the lecture given by Dr. Kupakwashe Mtata in the last week. Follow the working group's activities here or via our page:

Pic: Ella von der Haide in discussion with the audience. c: Katharina Fink, 2019.