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Academy Conversations by Dr. Katharina Fink (Teilprojekt 5)

in cooperation with the BIGSAS Diversity Programme

“When making is inclusive, good things happen”- really?!

'Inclusion' as a catalyst for the re-politicization of museum discourse

“When making is inclusive, good things happen”, insisted a recent, optimistic headline of the “Makezine”-article a friend had shared. The article talked about the productive power of practicing the concept of ‘inclusion’ in the makers-movement. In her contribution, Katharina Fink will focus on the political potential of (potentially radical) access and participation. While coming along with heavy luggage, the terms ‘diversity’, ’inclusion’ and ‘accessibility’ offer the chance to re-politicize the conversation around representation — a discussion that has, in some instances and at a number of conferences, grown tired and has been turned into a rhetorical performance, instead of sparking transformation. Based on a number of examples from curating and outreach, she will invite to a conversation around the museum as space for political debate.


Do, 27.10.16, 19h, Iwalewahaus - 2.OG