FAVT- Exhibition on Tour

After the big success that the exhibition "Future Africa - Visions in Time" had in Bayreuth, it was decided to show the exhibitions internationally in 2017, so that more people could be touched and inspired by this wonderful work of art. Please find more information on the tour on the official FAVT-Homepage.

You can read about the programme here.


First Stop: Nairobi, 6-28. April 2017



- Article from the online magazine "Contemporary And" (24.3.2017)
- Press Release by Uni Bayreuth "Afrikanische Zukunftsvisionen: Nationalmuseum in Kenia zeigt Ausstellung aus Bayreuth" (13. April 2017)

Photos of the exhibition

audience in FAVT2audience in FAVT3audience in nairobiaudience in nairobi 3audience in nairobi 5audience in FAVT1