Arbeitsgruppe G
„Future(s) as societal project(s) – actors and their visions in Africa and beyond”

“Future(s) as societal project(s) – actors and their imaginations in Africa and beyond“ is in the focus of research at the Academy of Advanced African Studies at the University of Bayreuth for the summer term 2016 (for its overall project theme “Future Africa – Visions in Time” see here). Its overall project theme focuses on conceptualisations of Future as generated, represented and analysed in Africa and African Diasporas that are of global relevance and interest for systematic and comparative perspectives. For its seventh international Working Group (May to July 2016), the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies invites Fellows who are interested in the social actors producing visions of the future and in sharing their views with each other and with researchers based in the Academy itself. The aim of this Working Group is to review pertinent debates over a wide range of disciplines and to provide an opportunity for innovative encounters between them. We will look at the relations between Future visions, their protagonists and their societal contexts. This shall be combined with a close rethinking of current research in the five Sub-projects of the Bayreuth Academy from this particular angle.

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