The Icon Lab is one of the methodological instruments used in the research of the subproject. Its not only a physical space in the Academy but also a portable, universally usable and applicable method of research.

Moses Serubiri as City Writer in Bayreuth

Revolution 3.0 Poster to Download


Thu 28.1.


Exhibition Activation FAVT by Katharina Fink

Transatlantic Reconnections, perhaps: “We are back”

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Iwalewahaus/Neues Schloss

(New Castle)

Thu 28.1.


Dance performance "Updating..." by Lulu Sala - as part of the exhibition FAVT


the Music Performance "Dystopic Horizons-
The consolidation of the circuit twists the tool into itself"

A musical journey into the multilayered spheres and a questioning of contemporary music culture

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Thu, 08.02.


Exhibition Tour FAVT  followed by a

reading by former City-Writer of Bayreuth: Moses Serubiri (Kampala)


Wed. 10.02.


Workshop: Future!Future!
What does future look like? How does is sound, taste, smell? What forms does it take? What does it have to hold? Playing with our method of 'Icon Lab' developed by Revolution 3.0, we work out a landscape of 'doing futures', in a workshop with young people (aka the future) who came to Germany recently in the context of the refugee movement. In a cooperation with Ahmed El-Zein we host a workshop around imaginations of future; and, depending on the ideas evolving in our sessions, turn it into a small exhibition.